/ News / Chicago Police Department working to improve clearance rates and further reduce crime improve by launching new Area Technology Centers

Chicago Police Department working to improve clearance rates and further reduce crime improve by launching new Area Technology Centers

Two New Area Technology Centers (ATC) launching to improve clearance rates and further reduce crime in Chicago.

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent Eddie Johnson today announced the launch of two new Area Technology Centers (ATC) in Area Central and Area North, expanding the strategic crime-solving nerve centers to each of the Department’s three Detective Areas. Allowing detectives to process videos faster from private surveillance cameras and cellphone footage, the ATCs represent a critical component to CPD’s efforts to increase the clearance rate for homicides and non-fatal shootings in Chicago, especially in the neighborhoods experiencing the highest rates of violence.

Prior to obtaining the new technology, CPD detectives worked with limited resources and tools to retrieve, review, and analyze video evidence quickly. Building on the City’s investments in the Department’s smart policing strategy, ATCs were developed as a solution to the lack of technology and resources for detectives to process video and cellphone digital evidence.

Earlier this year, CPD’s Bureau of Detectives and the University of Chicago Crime Lab partnered to pilot an ATC at Area South following an early period of fact-finding where it became clear that in many homicide investigations quality video was key to a successful case outcome. The work being completed by the ATCs has already played an integral role in the charging of several homicide cases. Since its opening in late February 2019, Area South’s ATC has processed over 700 case requests, providing detectives with evidence to develop new investigative leads and assist with the prosecution of homicide suspects.

Building on CPD’s efforts to foster community trust in the Department, the ATCs will allow teams to work with residents and local businesses to operate video systems or extract footage when there is an incident near their home or business. The new technology tool converts third-party video into a play-anywhere format and recovers lost videos from local businesses, homeowners and residents that detectives were unable to retrieve in the past due to the lack of proper equipment.

The ATC is a physical room, modeled in part after the successful Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC), that includes a newly installed suite of technology designed to improve the processing of digital evidence, especially raw video footage. The ATCs are staffed by trained officers and detectives who support homicide investigations, for example, by locating and downloading pertinent videos at the crime scene and coordinating with nearby SDSC rooms to collect and disseminate relevant evidence.

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