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Eric Livergood: Smart Technology Road Mapping

Eric Livergood, Chief Technology Officer for LeafLogix Technologies, met with us to explore how smart technology is guiding Leaflogix, a 5 year technology solutions startup servicing the cannabis industry, its industry and its business technology.


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Questions that Eric Answers:

  • [2:02] What does smart technology road mapping mean to you?
  • [2:44] Current/past projects that you’ve worked on.
  • [5:06] How are you currently applying Smart Technology?
  • [6:33] What led you to a career working with Cannabis Technology?
  • [9:30] How has your Product Road Map changed in the last year?
  • [11:02] What’s on your current Road Map?
  • [13:46] How has your day-to-day changed from when you were an engineering individual contributor to a company leader?
  • [15:05] How are you addressing current customer pain points and challenges?
  • [16:15] How vast is the current B2C consumer product width/mix in the cannabis industry?
  • [17:36] How do you interact with your customer when making plans for your products?
  • [19:24] What is rarely discussed about the cannabis industry that professionals should think about?
  • [22:19] What’s the impact on the cannabis industry due to the different laws for managing cannabis between each state? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [23:40] What is the key to enabling smart technology that has help you address needs/challenges due to Covid-19? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [25:14] Are your solutions Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B)? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [26:40] How is cash-management handled in the cannabis industry and between each state? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [30:53] What training do you advise for those who want to move from individual contributor to a leadership role? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [32:50] What are the entry barriers for vertical farming? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [34:35] Do you utilize crowdsourcing to improve your software products and how does it impact your industry? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [35:40] What are the levels of automation that you currently utilize/implement? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)

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