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Oak Park – 2016 Budget Focuses on Technology, Infrastructure

oak-park-logo-color2016 Budget Focuses on Technology, Infrastructure


Technology will play a key role in 2016, as the Village of Oak Park’s new fiscal year municipal budget focuses on maintaining service levels, while enhancing the quality of services provided.

New software solutions are planned for 2016 to streamline permitting, inspections and licensing, making it quicker and easier for both individuals and developers to invest in projects that improve the community and increase property values.

Wider applications of geographic information systems (GIS) data also are planned for the year ahead. Working in collaboration with a regional consortium of other governments, the Village is sharing costs and ideas to create new ways to manage service delivery and improve the efficiency of the workers who keep the snow plowed, the water flowing and the trees trimmed.

Technology will help make parking at public garages easier in 2016, too. New equipment set to be installed at the entrance and exits gates will give permit holders access with a smart phone barcode and allow visitors to pay with a credit card at all exits. New weather canopies also are planned to protect the equipment and drivers.

Maintaining and improving vital public infrastructure will continue to be a priority in 2016. This year’s budget builds upon the commitment made last year to invest an additional $20 million over five years in alleys and streets…

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