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Customer Bill Tracking tool

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Created bill tracking tool for client incorporating MS Access, SQL Server and Visual Studio – SQL scripting, VB.Net

Customer previously utilized a Microsoft Access application for tracking bills and account receivable data accumulated by a team consisting of 25+ employees. Issues of system stalling was  often reported when multiple staff members were using the application at the same time. After reviewing the customer’s system we determined that there were several components contributing to the issue. The MS Access tool was saved to a network drive however the original developer didn’t split the database.

The old application  was saved to a network drive however the original development team didn’t split the database. Each user machine was processing the data with limited individual ram and was the network was having challenges processing each request due to bandwith bottlenecks in the network LAN.

We recreated the tracking system as a Front End VB.Net data entry web form with sql server maintaining the data.

The new application solved the processing and network issue.