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Sanford Hess: Government Information Technology Management and Change

Sanford Hess, IT Director for the City of Urbana, met with us to discuss Government Information Technology Management, change within government IT, enhancing the relationship between people and government, career opportunities and more.


Watch Part 2 of Government Information Technology Management and Change with Sanford Hess.

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Questions that Sanford Answers:

  • [1:11] An interesting fact about Sanford.
  • [4:13] What does Tectonic Speed of Government mean to you?
  • [8:20] Being in a university town how do you interact with the University of Illinois?
  • [13:20] How does someone get a role working in technology and working with government?
  • [15:56] How did you arrive to a career in technology and government?
  • [19:33] What skill-sets and levels of education are you looking for in new employees?
  • [22:04] Can you share an example of a city project that uses technology?
  • [25:04] As a civic technologist how are you enhancing relationships between people and government?
  • [28:31] How are you using the data that you gather?
  • [34:22] How are you impacted by new rules for data management and transparency like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?
  • [36:18] What are you hoping to learn from data?
  • [38:08] Any advice on how someone can transition into a career in technology and government?
  • [43:11] What training or certifications are relevant for technology generalists?
  • [47:50] What challenges have you faced, or are facing, such as the infrastructure setup, networks, internet speed and so on, when the government employees are working from home? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [50:42] How are the software vendors, that you work with, adapting to cloud computing? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [53:38] Is there a technology education-awareness gap in government as it pertains to adopting new technology? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [55:42] How do you address complacency in government?(AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [56:12] Would an organization performance framework help with the challenges that information technology departments face? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [58:09] How does your work as a technology professional intersect with the sales?
  • [1:03:28] Do the challenges around innovations and resources make it difficult to recruit for government tech positions? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)

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Special thanks to the students, alumni and administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the College of DuPage for their help in making this episode a success.