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Sean T. O’Kelly: Leveraging Technology for Revenue Growth

Sean T. O’Kelly, Chief Technology Officer for Meetings & Events International (MEI), met with us to explore how business leaders can utilize technology as a tool to drive customer and revenue growth.


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Questions that Sean Answers

  • [1:15] Do organizations treat technology as a cost/expense or revenue generator?
  • [3:10] How does technology fit within the regulatory compliance space?
  • [5:50] An example of adding features and functions into a product for the purpose of creating value?
  • [12:56] How does driving revenue with open integration and while being secure apply to today’s digital environment.
  • [18:31] How do you approach the topic of content protection while driving revenue with customers?
  • [24:00] How are customers using their data and content to drive revenue?
  • [27:30] What’s your background and how did you become Chief Technology Officer at your current organization?
  • [33:15] RECAP.
  • [35:08] What level of digital events will you see being adopted over in-person events going forward? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [41:05] How can we help people/organizations embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [45:43] Challenge of improving the modernization of organizational processes? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [50:14] What challenges have you experienced in the government vs the private sector? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)
  • [51:46] What did you learn while pursuing the Executive MBA program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION)

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