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Database Development & Management

Unique Solutions to Manage your Data

As your business grows, your company’s databases become valuable assets containing secure data, product transactions, customer information, or other business-critical data.

The Great Tech Pros Data team has the experience to help you with all of your database needs including: design and implementation, administration and maintenance, and data analysis and reporting. We can help manage and protect your database system for their entire life cycle.

Why choose Great Tech Pros?

Expertise: Great Tech Pros’ experts have extensive knowledge of complex databases and related systems, as well as the creativity and foresight to utilize their knowledge to provide customized enterprise solutions that meet the goals of your business.

Experience: With over 15 years of experience working with databases of all sizes and complexities, our team can create or customize a database solution tailored for any business size or industry.

With certifications in both Oracle and MS SQL Server, Great Tech Pros’ experts have the technical skills set to provide a customized database solution to meet the unique requirements and strategies of any business.

Great Tech Pros can help you:

  • Design the logical storage structure of the database
  • Prepare a disaster recovery plan to backup, restore and recovery any business-critical data
  • Optimize the performance and efficiency of the database structures
  • Develop custom applications for your unique business needs and requirements

Our Capabilities Include:

Enterprise Database Development
Great Tech Pros’ experts provide a suite of database consulting services for enterprise companies looking to improve business process management, productivity, collaboration, and data management.

Scalability is one of the key characteristics of any database system. Great Tech Pros creates scalable database solutions that can handle high volumes of transactions, large volumes of data, complex queries and complex application requirements.

Need certified database engineers that have both the expertise and experience to help utilize custom database solutions to answer your business needs?

Contact us now and our certified experts will help you create unique solutions to solve your data needs.

Database Management & Administration
Successful database administration and management for your database system is an ongoing endeavor and critical to the success of your business. The experts at Great Tech Pros have over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database administration and can help you protect and maximize the return on one of your very important investments – your database system. Our Great Tech Pros experts can help you with:

  • Performance – Tune your databases and related systems.  A well tuned database increases the overall productivity of your employees and can greatly improve the customer experience.
  • Integrity – Implement checks and constraints to ensure that your business rules are enforced by your database systems.
  • Availability – Ensure that your database is available when it needs to be in order to support your business.  If your business runs 24×7, then so should your database systems.
  • Recoverability – Create, test, and implement the backup and recovery plan that fits your business.  Your data must be protected from any and all possible disasters!
  • Security – Design and implement a security model that makes sense for your business.  Protect your data against intruders while allowing your employees to remain productive.

Contact us now and our experts will help you create unique solutions to manage your data needs.

SQL Server Database Management & Administration

Many of our team members are certified with the highest Microsoft credentials. With Microsoft SQL certified database engineers on our staff, we have the experience and the foresight to develop or manage your database systems to improve its performance, integrity and recoverability.

Great Tech Pros’ database experts have experience developing and managing each of the versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Looking to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft SQL Server? 

Contact us now and we’ll help you implement a migration plan to migrate and protect all of your data.

Oracle Database Management & Administration

With certified Oracle database administrators on staff, Great Tech Pros helps enterprise companies manage and optimize the performance of their Oracle databases. Great Tech Pros provides custom enterprise reporting and application development for companies that struggle with everyday business challenges such as productivity, security, and business continuity planning.

Great Tech Pros’ database experts have experience developing and managing each of the release of Oracle Database.

Looking to upgrade to the newest release of Oracle Database? 

Contact us now and we’ll help you implement a migration plan to migrate and protect all of your data.

Data Warehousing
Data warehousing is your foundation to provide insight into your corporate data through an integrated, centrally managed, and trusted data source. Business critical decisions require the ability to store and retrieve company data on demand. Great Tech Pros specializes in all data solutions a corporation needs for doing business today.

The goals of our certified engineers are to facilitate each step of all of your data management process, accelerate your decision making with accurate and live data, and save you time and money for all forensic, reporting and analysis efforts.

Need to look back over a decade worth of sales numbers to determine which week during the year typically has the highest sales numbers?

Contact us now and we’ll help you travel back in time.

Data Mining
Also known as Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining is the process of automatically searching for recurring patterns through large volumes of data.  Every company, regardless of industry, location or size, has a need for real time, on demand and accurate statistics, information retrieval, and comprehensive reporting.

Great Tech Pros’ specialists have more than a decade of experience and can create for you automated processes that will simplify and support all of the aspects of your daily operations.

Need intelligent data mining that has positive and dramatic impacts on your business?

Contact us now and our certified experts will help you create unique solutions to solve your data needs.

Data Optimization
Great Tech Pros’ experts will design, implement, and optimize your data warehouse for all your reporting and analysis needs, based on our proven 4-step process:

  •     Organize your data so all the events or related objects will be inter-connected
  •     Record all data changes for tracking management
  •     Protect and preserve historical data against changes
  •     Retrieve your data with easy retrieval from an organized location

As a Microsoft Partner, Great Tech Pros has implemented data warehousing solutions that provide valuable business intelligence and support for critical decision makers within the organization.

Contact us now and our certified data experts will help you create unique solutions to solve your data needs.

Data Reporting
After providing the proper environment for storing and retrieving your data, Great Tech Pros can provide the experts needed to generate custom enterprise reports to support business decision makers.

Organizing all of a company’s required data so that it supports the needs of each individual is a constant struggle for many internal IT staffs. Utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services, Great Tech Pros can provide custom enterprise reports for each level of business decision maker in your organization including:

  •     Business performance reports including Key Performance Indicators
  •     Financial and budgeting reports
  •     Staffing and employee productivity reports
  •     Historical growth or change reports

Contact us now and we’ll help you create unique solutions to solve your reporting needs.

Data Analysis
Great Tech Pros enterprise analysis services allows organizations to:

  •     Access most up-to-date data to support growing business
  •     Analyze data more effectively with data provided in dashboards and user-friendly formats
  •     Empower decision makers with business-critical information
  •     Archive reports for historical comparisons and data aggregation

Contact us now and our certified data experts will help you create unique solutions to solve your data analysis needs.

What Our Clients Say

He has an extensive base of knowledge in all things SQL Server, database development and application development. One need look no further than his multiple Microsoft SQL Server designations for proof of his expertise. I view him as a mentor to me. Additionally, He is an outstanding communicator, and I have enjoyed his database and technology speeches in Toastmasters several times.
Insurance Company
He has a passion and knowledge for SQL Server technologies that few can match. Whether the topic is everyday items like triggers, system views, and functions; to version and feature differences; to web solutions utilizing SQL Server, he demonstrated a mastery of the subject matter that was above and beyond what was found in other seasoned professionals. He would be a great asset and team member for anyone seeking a knowledgeable SQL Server professional for their project or team. His camaraderie, enthusiasm, and expertise that he brought everyday to the workplace will truly be missed.
Healthcare System
He has been an outstanding technology leader for our team. He has been the key driver of a wide variety of improvements to the infrastructure, stability, and capability of IT. His leadership and organizational abilities have led to significant process improvements for us in areas including vetting technology vendors, software support and IT organizational management. He deployed a database system which allowed us to be the first, of several state funded vendors, to utilize claims data for health risk assessment phase of our care coordination program. In addition, he led initiatives to improve consistency and reliability of key servers by moving them to an offsite data center, deployed a ticket and management system for our IT Helpdesk team and instilled an organizational approach to IT management. He is a Global Technology Leader and I would highly recommend him for any IT team and look forward to working with him in the future.
Public Health Program