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PR Tech Biz: News from the City of Rochester, Albany, Aurora University, Michigan & Illinois

Aurora IL Technology
PR Tech BIZ from Great Tech Pros: Each month we take a quick look at the local business technology news that's happening in a city near you and then share it in an easy to read and digest format. Governor Quinn Announces $3.5 Million Investment for STEM School at Aurora University   Funding Paves Way for Groundbreaking and School to Open in 2014-2015 School Year  AURORA – Governor Pat Qui...
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(Video) Strategic Planning for Information Technology – SWOT Analysis

  In this short video, Wylie Blanchard shares an easy way to align Strategic Thinking with Information Technology. Companies and employers highly value Tech Leaders who can think and act strategically because it means that you have the ability to see the changes needed for a business to stay successful.
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How to Let your Techies work Remotely to improve Motivation and Productivity

Image by: novecentino There are times when I’m coding a new application that I enter the "zone," and then someone comes to my desk which completely disrupts my flow. Before I know it the entire day is gone and I’m thinking, “I really wanted to finish this piece of the application today.” However, when I work remotely, whether it be from home or abroad, no one interrupts my flow and I remain in t...
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I can do the Job but no Training & Experience – How to land the position

The good news is that most jobs don’t go to the person who’s most qualified, instead they normally go to the one who does the best job self promoting. When the list comes down to just a few candidates and the hiring manager can’t make the decision based on just qualifications then it’s about the chemistry that’s formed during the interview process. Many times it’s really all about the chemistry ...
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5 Soft Skills for Tech Pro success: Why You Need Them

Image credit: TomvdW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj9LDQiPPKI&w=320&h=240&align=right So you’ve spent a large amount of you career building your technical knowledge. You now stand on a strong foundation of degrees, certifications, re-certifications and real world experience. The ability to get the job done and the know-how to solve the technical issues when they arrive is within y...
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Stop Tossing the same “1-Size-Fits-All” Resume online wanting different results

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShjXdAV3Ppc I remember once telling co-workers that I customize each resume for each job. So that meant that 20 applications equaled 20 different resumes. I got the “yeah right, you’re not doing that” LOOK and then I showed them a folder of resumes on my computer. That’s when the eyes grew wide, as if to say, “Why are you doing that.” I explained that duri...
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