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How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Business Website – Web Analytics

Image Credit An entrepreneur-friend recently asked, “how can I measure the effectiveness of my business website?” This is a very important question for entrepreneurs who are working to bring in new business through the Internet because the answer can tell you where your website is most effective, where it is least effective and where you may want to re-focus your efforts. The answer is simple. ...
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5 IFTTT Recipes: How to put your Independent Business on Autopilot

If This Then That This article is a continuation of "How to use IFTTT recipes to Automate and Improve your Business" which explains the steps to follow to turn this powerful online tool into your personal assistant. IFTTT... What is it? IFTTT, which means “If This Then That,” is an easy to use application that allows you to complete repetitive online business tasks. All you have to do is set i...
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How to use IFTTT recipes to Automate and Improve your Business

A teaser sample of IFTTT available channels IFTTT, which means "If This Then That," is an online service that connects several internet tools through preprogrammed trigger and action settings, called "recipes." Imagine if you received an email from that very important client and then you received a notification phone call. Or, wouldn't it be great if someone made a purchase from your website and...
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